Local jurisdictions carry out nearly all day-to-day functions of the criminal justice system prior to sentencing, and are best positioned to understand local crime issues and needs to address them. For these reasons, criminal justice planning and policy coordination should be locally-driven and directly informed by insights, experiences, and visions for criminal justice reform that emanate from the local level. The state’s role then becomes one of support and technical assistance, particularly in areas where county and municipal stakeholders lack capacity, such as with data analysis, research, and evaluation.

In the spring of 2017, ICJIA issued a competitive Notice of Technical Assistance to help establish CJCCs in five counties. Applications were solicited from the 30 counties with the highest prison utilization rate (except Cook County) during fiscal years 2015 and 2016. Counties were selected in a competitive application process that assessed the strength of their goals, breadth of stakeholder participation, prison utilization rates, commitment to evaluation, and related factors. Lake, McHenry, McLean, Winnebago, and St. Clair counties won technical assistance awards. Since June 2017, ICJIA and Loyola University have worked with the jurisdictions to help establish CJCCs or strengthen existing ones. We offer:

Research Assistance: Loyola University researchers are constructing county-specific trends and issues reports to help facilitate strategic planning efforts and develop a common understanding of state and local criminal system operations, as stakeholders frequently presented conflicting conceptions about crime and criminal justice processing in their jurisdictions. Once local stakeholders review the findings, ICJIA and its Loyola partners will be better positioned to provide technical assistance on county-specific issues.

Technical Assistance: Data analysis, guidance in the strategic planning process, and in program implementation

Funding opportunities: Grant funding to support for planning, coordination, and program implementation. New opportunities offered by ICJIA, foundations, or other sources will be announced on our News and Events page.

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